Field Trips for Schools

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Our Field Trips for school students offer you a range of educational and entertaining experiences. Take advantage of the reduced admission fees and, once inside, sample our self-guided exhibits and programs.

The Academy of Natural Sciences is an approved entity for the School District of Philadelphia. The paperwork is on file with the School District of Philadelphia Risk Management Office.

Discovery Lessons

Participate in an in-depth investigation of the natural sciences. Through these interactive classroom experiences, your students will develop important scientific skills, from making observations to designing experiments and interpreting data.

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Self-Guided Visits

Take your students on an exciting exploration of the natural world. Our three floors of exhibits, ranging from dinosaurs and dioramas to hands-on interactive stations, are sure to make your field trip to the Academy the highlight of the school year.

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Hands-on Programming

Take a hands-on approach to exploring the natural world. These informal programs offer just the right combination of guided instruction and discovery-based learning.

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Planning Guide

Booking your field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences is easy! Find out more.

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