Crocs: Ancient Predators in a Modern World

February 3–May 6, 2018


Come face-to-snout with live crocodilians, a group of reptiles that has evolved and thrived for 200 million years thanks to their brute strength, keen senses, and murderous instincts. Today’s crocs range from diminutive forest dwellers to monstrous creatures that eat wildebeests, buffaloes, and occasionally people. Their ancestors were the galloping land predators, jumping insect eaters, pug-nosed herbivores, and ocean-going filter-feeders that haunted our waters and our dreams. Check out live species, including a Siamese crocodile and Albino American alligator, and peek into a real living American alligator nest. Learn to speak croc in under five minutes, test your strength against a croc’s bite, view skulls, make water dance, and create a 3-D animation of a long-extinct croc. Get the facts on croc attacks, and understand how humans and crocs can coexist today and in the future.

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