New Exhibits

Tiny Titans Baby Dinosaurs and eggs

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
September 30, 2017–January 15, 2018

Take a rare and exciting look at dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and embryos.

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Treasures From the Mineral Vault
Open now!

View minerals of vivid yellow, forest green, deep red, and radiant purple, and discover how they were formed millions of years ago deep within the earth. » More

Drawn to Dinosaurs

Drawn to Dinosaurs
Open now!

Featuring a full cast of the duck-billed dinosaur Hadrosaurus foulkii, this exhibit reveals the science and art of visualizing a living dinosaur based on fragmentary fossils. » More

Archival Image of Academy Exterior

Specimen Spotlight: A Peek at the Past, A Look Toward the Future
Oct. 10, 2017–Oct. 4, 2018

Intimate exhibit looks at the past and future of the Academy as the Benjamin Franklin Parkway celebrates 100 years.

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Upcoming Exhibits


Crocs: Ancient Predators in a Modern World
February 3–May 6, 2018

Come face-to-snout with live crocodilians, a group of reptiles that has evolved and thrived for 200 million years.

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xtreme bugs

Xtreme Bugs
May 26, 2018–January 21, 2019

Come face-to-feet with nearly 20 massive, colorful, moving bugs! » More

Signature Exhibits



Live butterflies from Central and South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia inhabit our tropical garden. » More

Touching snake in Outside In

Outside In

Our indoor discovery center for children features hands-on activities and close encounters with live animals. » More

skeletal mount of Tyrannosaurus in Dinosaur Hall

Dinosaur Hall

More than 30 dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles are represented in Dinosaur Hall. » More

The Big Dig

Dig for fossils in this hands-on exhibit. » More

Diorama of American pronghorn showing one male, three females and a young individual.


More than 35 dioramas present wildlife from Africa, Asia, and North America. » More

Library Gallery

Library Gallery

Our Library Reading Room is open to the public on weekday afternoons. » More

diorama parts, videos and a taxidermied gazelle in 'Secrets of the Diorama'

Secrets of the Diorama

Learn about the history of the dioramas and see how the plants, animals, and paintings were created. » More

school of fish in the What Eats What exhibit

What Eats What

What Eats What presents the consumers and producers that make up the food chain in a stream. » More

thorny oyster in 'Marveling at Mollusks'

Marveling at Mollusks

Nearly 100 specimens from the scientific collections of the Academy’s Malacology Department are on display. » More

mother and son looking at reconstruction of the fossil Tikaalik in Science at the Academy

Science at the Academy

The world-class science conducted at the Academy is on display. » More

books by Academy are on display in 'We Wrote the Book'

We Wrote the Book

Hundreds of books were written by men and women with ties to the Academy. » More

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