Wild Wizarding Weekend

November 24–26, 2017

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Explore the magical world of the Academy with a weekend of spellbinding, hands-on activities! Meet the Academy’s own fantastic beasts and learn about the real animals that inspire your favorite wizarding stories. Take in a Bunnies and Broomsticks game, make a magic wand, take home your own special blend of tea leaves to read, and much more! Wear a costume and get a $2 discount at the door or save when you purchase online.

Free for members or with general museum admission. Not a member? Buy your tickets today.

Wild Wizarding Weekend Activities: 

Auditorium Show: Bad Beasts
11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

On the page and on the stage, we are captivated by the animal bad guys from our favorite magic stories. Featuring the Academy’s own live “villains,” this show reveals the truth behind some of the most misunderstood creatures from fantasy and fiction.

Auditorium Show: Live Owl Show
1 p.m.

Whooooo loves owls? We do! Meet a few of the Academy’s resident live owls, and discover why they’re more than just cool creatures of the night.

educator with snake 

How to Train Your (Mini)-Dragon

Dragons walk among us…as lizards! At this interactive tech cart showcasing our weird and wonderful live animal collection, check out some of our smaller live reptiles and examine their finer details. Compare them to towering giants—the ancient dragons on display in Dinosaur Hall!

Sorted Out

Choose your favorite animals and attributes to get sorted into your house and wear your colors proudly. Will you be a cunning snake, a thoughtful raven, a loyal badger, or a brave lion? Learn all about animals and what they symbolize in books and movies. Featuring live animals, fun make-and-takes, and never-before displayed specimens from our research collection, this hands-on education station will make you believe in magic.

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
Open through January 15, 2017

Take a rare and exciting look at dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and embryos. Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies presents an astonishing array of authentic dinosaur eggs and nests collected from around the world, including examples from each of the major plant- and meat-eating dinosaur groups. Touch dinosaur fossils, play paleontologist and dig for dinosaur eggs, examine real dinosaur embryo skin and eggshells under magnification, dress up as an Oviraptor or sauropod, and so much more! $5 for nonmembers in addition to general admission; $3 for individual and family members. Family plus members and above see it free.

Fortune-telling Tea

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to predict the future? Well, now you can! Discover the mystical art of “tasseography” (reading tea leaves), learn about rare Academy botanical specimens, and explore the remarkable soothing effects of plants. You can even make your own custom blend of tea to practice reading tea leaves at home.


All About Owls

At this interactive tech cart, learn “owl” about how these nocturnal birds of prey are fearsome hunters despite the dark. Watch an owl pellet dissection under a microscope!

Bunnies and Broomsticks
2 p.m.

Cheer on our rabbits at a very special Wizarding edition of Romp Time! Who do you think will hop to glory?

Magical Crafts

Cast a spell with your new magic wand while you check out awesome Academy specimens and make some ooey-gooey troll boogers to help your imagination come to life.

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