Festivals and Special Events

Wild Wizarding Weekend

Explore the magical world of the Academy with a weekend of spellbinding, hands-on activities!
» More

Dino-mite Winter

Spend your winter break with us! Warm up in Butterflies!, spend some time with our live animals, and visit our special Tiny Titans exhibit.» More


Hunt for real fossils, see rarely displayed museum specimens, and talk with paleontologists about their work. Free with museum admission. » More

crowd enjoying the 2011 Philadelphia Science Festival

Philadelphia Science Festival

The Philadelphia Science Festival is a city-wide collaboration showcasing science and technology. » More

entomologist talk with museum visitors during Bug Fest

Bug Fest

Touch live bugs, meet entomologists, go on an insect walk, and taste creepy crawly cuisine. Free with museum admission. » More

Dino-mite Summer

Explore your world and have a blast this summer at the Academy! » More

animal superhero weekend

Animal Superhero Weekend

Find out how much the superheroes of the animal kingdom inspire the superheroes (and supervillains) of comic books and movies! » More

visitor in the International Shell Market

Philadelphia Shell Show

Buy shells in the International Market, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Malacology Collection, and view impressive shell displays. » More

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