Outside Clubs and Societies

members of the Philadephia Botany Club on a field trip

The Academy has a long association with local clubs and societies interested in the natural world. Many of these groups conduct field trips and hold regular meetings that often feature guest speakers. Some also engage in conservation and educational projects or the sponsorship of young scientists.

All of the groups presented here welcome you, whether you're an amateur, a student, or a professional.

American Entomological Society


The American Entomological Society (AES), founded in 1859, is the oldest continuously operating entomological society in the Americas. AES welcomes anyone with an interest in entomology. The society holds meetings with featured speakers, conducts field trips, and supports young entomologists through its Calvert Award. It also provides collections and library resources for researchers and produces three publications on taxonomic, morphological, and ecological studies in entomology.

Delaware Valley Ornithological Club


Founded in 1890, the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club (DVOC) welcomes anyone interested in birds. DVOC publishes a newsletter and journal, holds meetings with featured speakers or special forums, conducts field trips, and has active programs in conservation and education.

Delaware Valley Paleontological Society


The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society (DVPS) publishes the journal The Mosasaur, holds regular meetings featuring guest speakers, conducts fields trips, and produces an annual Fossil Fair. DVPS also supports work in paleontology through scholarship funds and grants.

Geographical Society of Philadelphia


The Geographical Society of Philadelphia produces the Travelogue Film Series and Connoisseur Programs that are shown at the Academy on Wednesday evenings. They also provide awards and grants to scientists and scholars and offer a special Magellan Circle membership category.

The Philadelphia Botanical Club


The Philadelphia Botanical Club was founded in 1891. It publishes the journal Bartonia, holds regular meetings featuring talks by botanical experts, conducts field trips, and supports botanical research. Anyone interested in plants is encouraged to join.

Philadelphia Geological Society


Members of the Philadelphia Geological Society stay current on both local and global geology by participating in regular lectures and an annual field trip. Membership is open to everyone.

Philadelphia Shell Club


The Philadelphia Shell Club holds monthly meetings featuring guest speakers and conducts an annual auction during the spring. In October, they produce the Philadelphia Shell Show, the largest show of its kind in the Northeast. Contact Paul Callomon at 215-405-5096 for more information.

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