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field crew taking a sediment core sample from a tidal marsh

Environmental Research

Since our founding in 1812, the Academy has been a center for exploration and discovery of our environment. Today Academy researchers in systematic biology and evolution build collections that help us to track environmental changes over time. These research efforts enable us to provide accurate, cutting-edge, scientific information to the public on environmental and sustainability issues. As our environmental scientists work to understand aquatic and terrestrial ecology, they are able to make recommendations to policymakers and other decision makers about important environmental management and stewardship practices.

Sustainability Programming

Over the past decade, the Academy has established itself as a key player in the environmental and sustainability community in the greater Philadelphia region. Through a variety of programs, the Academy brings together top scientists, policymakers, businesses, and the public to build awareness of and promote solutions to issues of critical environmental importance. Our public programs offer relevant commentary on issues such as climate change, energy, population growth, the health of our food and water, green building, and more. 

We offer the following sustainability programs at the Academy:

  • The Urban Sustainability Forum (USF), a collaboration of local organizations with the common goal of making Philadelphia the greenest, most livable, and most sustainable city in America, hosts monthly public programs at the Academy.
  • Green Condo/Co-op Initiative (GCCI) is a coalition of Greater Philadelphia area condo and co-op owners interested in sustainability housing. The center supports GCCI by holding public educational events and hosting the organization’s meetings at the Academy.
  • Profitable Pathways to Sustainability provides a forum for business executives to share experiences and collaborate in developing effective methods and practices for aligning business and sustainability in both their own organizations and in the region.

Environmental Programs

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