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Sustainability requires balancing the needs and demands of both natural and human systems in the present and the future. As a leader in natural and environmental science research, education, and outreach, the Academy of Natural Sciences has a mission-driven role to understand, evaluate, communicate, demonstrate, and promote sustainability through both its operations and its programs.

As we enter our third century, the Academy is weaving sustainability into our institutional fabric by framing our programs, operations, and community outreach within the context of our commitment to the earth and environmental health. We also are devoted to creating and facilitating partnerships that will help to make Philadelphia the greenest city in America. Through these and other efforts, the Academy will serve as a catalyst for significant changes in the ways humans interact with our planet.

Our Sustainability Vision

The Academy will be a recognized sustainability leader in the region and the foremost resource for environmental issues that are relevant to our community. With our scientific expertise, we will set the standard for 21st-century museums, embedding sustainable practices in our internal operations and providing unique visitor experiences that will educate and inspire action on environmental and sustainability issues.

Our Sustainability Goals

  • Inspire visitors: Integrate sustainability practices and concepts into the Academy museum experience so that every visitor understands that sustainability is an Academy core value.
  • Maintain a thriving employee culture: Foster in our employees a strong sense of engagement with the Academy and its mission by creating a collaborative and positive work environment, enabling effective communication, and actively promoting a balance between work and personal lives.
  • Enable exemplary operations: Integrate sustainability best practices into Academy operations. 
  • Provide leading sustainability science: Support decision makers in the public and private sectors by providing access to our top-tier scientific research on sustainability issues, particularly in the areas of water quality, biodiversity, and human impacts on the environment.
  • Empower our community: Be a “sustainability learning lab” for the public, schools, and businesses by providing access to our own sustainability projects and by evolving our scientific knowledge, educational programming, and exhibits to meet the rapidly growing demand for science-based sustainability education.

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Sustainability Past and Present

The Academy continues a tradition of integrating sustainability concepts into many aspects of our work.

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Planning for the Future

Our plans for the future of Sustainability at the Academy.

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Programming and Research

Academy researchers are leaders in their fields, exploring biodiversity, evolution, and environmental science.

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Resources & Tips

Easy ways to make day to day life more sustainable.

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Some of the numerous organizations that support a sustainable future.

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