200 Years. 200 Stories. Story 90: “A Bite of Evolution ”

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illustration of Megapiranha by Ray Troll
Reconstruction of the Megapiranha by Ray Troll, a fish enthusiast, fossil fan, band member, and artist. In 2007, Ray Troll received the Academy's Gold Medal for Distinction in Natural History Art.

A Bite of Evolution

Curator of Ichthyology Dr. John Lundberg is quick to defend the piranha and dismiss its Hollywood reputation for attacking humans. He’s been bitten, and sure, it bleeds a little, he says, but it’s not all that bad. In 2009 Lundberg and former University of Pennsylvania graduate student Wasila Dahdul co-authored a paper that suggests the modern piranha is hardly a threat compared to its ancestor, the Megapiranha, a late Miocene fish triple the size with teeth far more menacing. The paper describes the fossil upper jaw of a prehistoric Megapiranha (Megapiranha paranensis), which lived in the waters of South America about 9 million years ago. The specimen, collected in the early 1900s in Argentina, sat in a drawer for half a century before being rediscovered by Alberto Luis Cione, a paleontologist from Argentina’s Museo de La Plata and co-author of the paper.

In the jaw of the modern piranha, there is a single row of six interlocking teeth. Scientists believed that piranhas evolved from an ancestor with two parallel rows of teeth, such as those seen in their closest relatives, the plant-eating pacus. The Megapiranha had two rows of blade-like teeth, arranged in a zigzag pattern. The paper suggests that the zigzag placement of the teeth in the Megapiranha jaw represents an intermediate step in the evolutionary path to the single row.

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