Millions of Specimens

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Millions of Specimens...Millions of Stories

Scientists at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University showcase some of the 18 million specimens in its collections. Each one has a story to tell.

Home and Garden on the Ocean Floor

The Academy's Paul Callomon presents snails that collect stones and other debris, and oysters with thorns that grow gardens.

No Ordinary Hermit Crab

As the Academy's Paul Callomon explains, the coconut crab is no ordinary hermit crab.

Driving Evolution: The Female's Choice

Academy scientists Dr. Mark Sabaj Perez and Dr. Nate Rice present two constrasting examples of female choice as a driver of evolution.

The Hoatzin's Ancient Claw

The hoatzin is a bird that lives in the Amazon. As Dr. Nate Rice, explains, its nestlings have an ancient connection to Archaeopteryx and the dinosaurs.

The Peculiar Strepsiptera Life Cycle

Collection Manager Jason Weintraub relates the peculiar life cycle of an unfamiliar and bizarre group of tiny insects.

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