The Library and Archives

The Academy Library and Archives is internationally recognized for its extraordinarily rare and historic books, journals, art, artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, and the unique papers and research of Academy members and staff. The Library holds more than 250,000 volumes published from the 1500s to the present, while the Archives contain well over a million items, including manuscripts, correspondence, field notebooks, films, journals, and photographs.

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  • the first volume of Philosophical Transactions

    The Philosophical Transactions

    What was the first journal in the world strictly devoted to science?

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  • plate from Renard's Fish, crayfishes and crabs that shows five colorful fishes

    Of Diverse Coloration and Extraordinary Form

    What is one of the rarest and most famous natural history books known…with a copy in the Academy's Library?

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  • antique illustration of an elephant

    Gesner's Historiae Animalium

    What magnum opus contains comprehensive information on animals - and a few mythological beasts?

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  • photo of librarian holding Cope's publication

    Cope's Bible

    What is the thickest book in the Academy's Library & Archives?

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